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    Ah, the cancel button. Arguably one of the most frustrating things to have ever been placed in an app, ever. The cancel button is a standard in many games, players who are trying to get into a match have the option to out with this innovative wonder. But Clash Royale managed to screw it up, big time. And not on purpose at all.
    From what I’ve seen, the matchmaking on clash Royale is so effective and quick that players are put into a match from about half a second, to one second. This sounds great, but it has its downsides. For example; I may be trying to hit the 2v2 button, I may have accidentally clicked the battle button, I may have forgotten to change my deck, or my stupid friend may have thought it would be funny to snatch my phone, change my deck, and click battle (Actual scenario). In all of these cases the matchmaking put me in a match quick enough for me to not press cancel, and now I will probably lose precious trophies.

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Odpovědět: What I think is a simple solution to the dreaded "Cancel Button"
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